2019 Keynote and Session Speakers

Michael Jorgensen, p.g.a.

Michael is an Emmy® award-winning filmmaker and network storytelling consultant in both the fiction and nonfiction formats. As a producer, writer and director, his films have earned him more than 80 international, national and regional awards.  Michael has garnered five titles as WCNPA Television Photojournalist of the Year. He was one of the first journalists into war-torn Somalia prior to the UNsanctioned“Operation Restore Hope.” Since then, Michael has acted as a network storytelling consultant and helped launch the world’s first weekly science program, Discovery Channel’s “Daily Planet.” Michael is the only filmmaker in history to be granted access inside a classified U.S. Department of Defense weapons competition.

Battle of the X-Planes earned Michael his first Emmy® for best long form news and current affairs documentary. He has produced, written and directed numerous primetime specials for National Geographic, Discovery Channel,History, PBS, ZDF Germany and Arte France. Some of his network credits include the Gemini®-nominated Secrets of the Dinosaur Mummy, Hunt for the Mad Trapper, Hitler’s Stealth Fighter and Lost Nuke. As the supervising producer of the landmark Discovery Channel series, Mars Rising, Michael negotiated access to NASA, Russian andEuropean space agencies to tell the story of the people working on the first human mission to Mars. Michael has been a judge for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmys® In 2014, his feature-length theatrical documentary, Unclaimed, opened to international acclaim and was long-listed for an Oscar.® Michael is the Chair of the Alberta Media Industries Association and is a member of the Canadian Media Producers Association, and the Producers Guild of America.• Michael is a five-time WCNPA Television Photojournalist of the Year.

Denise Quesnel

Denise has had a career in human-centered design and media for over a decade; before that, she worked in the film and VFX industry. Now with her PhD studies at SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology, she investigates how virtual and extended reality (VR & xR) applications can be designed to support emotional wellbeing of individuals with chronic illness. As a positive technology for enhanced wellbeing, this VR research stems from the interdisciplinary human-centered design, experience design, psychology, and media arts practices. Outside of her studies, she is a volunteer with several health foundations, and professional organizations like SIGGRAPH where she created and chaired the immersive realities program from 2015-2017. She recently presented a TEDxSFU talk “Evoking Deep Connections by Embodying Another’s Reality” on her motivation for research, available for viewing at https://youtu.be/xsRzjUoSbE0 .


Dr. Claudia Krebs

Dr. Krebs has been teaching neuroanatomy and gross anatomy at UBC for over a decade.

During this time, she has worked on the integration of technology and novel visual approaches to the classroom. A particular interest of her is the integration of AR and VR into the classroom as well as looking at the impact of this on student learning. She has received numerous teaching awards, both from her students and her peers at UBC, and nationally, including the 2018 Killam teaching award. She has published a neuroscience textbook with a set of accompanying flashcards together with colleagues from UBC that is used in classrooms around the world.

In 2017 she created the HIVE (Hackspace for Innovation and Visualizations in Education) – a multidisciplinary space for innovation in biomedical education. This team has created xR apps such as the “HoloBrain” and the “Pocket Pelvis” for education that are being integrated into the existing ecosystem of learning resources. Together with anatomy educators from across campus at UBC and from partner universities she is creating open educational resources for neuroscience and anatomy for the global community; including video, e-books, and interactive web materials – all of these materials are available on the two websites she curates (www.neuroanatomy.ca and www.clinicalanatomy.ca).


Jaimie Love

Jaimie is a creative being who is passionate about all things communications. From Instagram to art direction, digital strategy to world-class online ad campaigns, Jaimie loves nothing more than equipping marketers and business owners alike with the modern social skills they need to succeed. A sought-after lead faculty member at Social School, Jaimie lives for seeing the lightbulbs go off in peoples’ heads when they understand how to effectively use social media to grow their business.

She studied business in Victoria and fashion marketing in New York City and currently live in Calgary and is the founder of Love Media Strategies, a marketing and social media consultation company that provides comprehensive and creative solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries. She also is the Marketing Manager at Barre Body Studio, a boutique barre fitness studio with two locations in Calgary.