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The Digital Media in Education Conference brings together a diverse group of professionals dedicated to supporting the advancement of education and business through technology, creativity, innovation and collaboration. Industry and educational Digital Media Experts will be on-hand to showcase their knowledge through keynotes, workshops and challenges.

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Our Keynotes

Dr. Claudia Krebs  
Academic YouTube Star

Collaborative Team Builder 

Michael Jorgensen
Emmy Award Winner 

Visual Story Teller

Jamie Love
Engaging your World 

Social Savvy Specialist


DME 2019 Themes

Production Foundations

In our efforts to be current and forward thinking, let’s not lose sight of the fundamentals of digital media creation, storytelling, production, and dissemination. What are the essential production skills needed to ensure desired outcomes? This theme challenges us to revisit the foundations of creativity and production, as digital media expands as a core engagement tool.

User Engagement

What we do is all for the end user. Whether they are instructors, students, researchers, media groups, or the general public, a job well done will be reflected by their experience. Did we leave the user better informed, with new skills or knowledge? Or was the project a stylish mess with no story? In these workshops, we explore how to make an effective product while keeping our sights on the end goal – the user’s experience.

Beyond the Hype

HMD, Haptic Feedback, Spatial Audio, Bells, Whistles…It’s easy to get tied up in the latest buzzwords and technological advances, but let’s strip away the glitter and glam to look at the real tools and their potential. We explore the history, development, functionality and value of emerging and immersive technology.

Collaboration Diversity

Shifting from individual effort to collaborative approach is not a new concept. Expanding the collaboration to include individuals outside of our own skillset and knowledge group, however, is getting attention in the education field. How does that approach apply to digital media and its role within education? What are the best practices around collaboration diversity?

Digital Media Showcase Awards

 It’s time to flaunt all your hard work!

 Present one of your showpiece Digital Media projects as part of this fun competition to win prizes and hold the title of DME 2019 Digital Showcase Award Winner! Awards will be present to the top two projects as voted by Symposium Guests. The showcase is a great way to get into the DME state of mind as we look at and talk about the latest applications of digital media for educational purposes. A great opportunity to get inspired about what the future holds in a pioneering industry. There is no fee to participate in the DME 2019 Showcase and participants receive a bonus discount on Conference Registration!

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Why you should take part?

You know the value of digital media creation and how it plays an important role in communicating to today’s fast paced and social networked world. You are actively involved with its use within your organization or interested in getting started. You’re a creative media specialist, executive producer, educator, researcher, student, administrator or digital media product supplier. Wherever you fit, you’re curious and know there’s more out there to learn, discover, experience and share within your area of interest and expertise. You want to be a part of the dialogue. Perhaps you’re a Digital Media Knowledge Broker that has valuable insights into this subject and want to share it with your peers and others.

This event promises to inspire, motivate and challenge you to explore your world of digital media.


Conference Host

The University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus

Purpose-built for the 21st century, the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus opened in Kelowna in 2005. UBC is one of North America’s largest public research and teaching institutions, and one of only two Canadian institutions consistently ranked among the world’s 40 best universities.

The Okanagan campus is an intimate learning community embracing bold new ways of thinking that attract exceptional students and faculty. More than 8,300 students from throughout the Okanagan region, across Canada and 90 other countries are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs in eight faculties and schools.

Here, students interact with one another and their professors on a daily basis, while becoming global citizens through interaction with their community and the world.

With $14.5 million in annual research funding, and more than 700 research projects underway, the Okanagan campus is earning a reputation as an important, respected centre of learning and research, enhancing knowledge creation and innovation in our region and internationally.

Conference Accomodations

Try the Sheraton Four Points!

Conveniently located across from the airport and 3 minutes from UBC Okanagan with shuttle service available. Stay tuned for block booking and the special UBCO rate!

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